Welcome to Happy Minds Psychiatry. Dr. Mudassar Tariq, MD is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. He is board certified in adult and child psychiatry. We conduct psychiatric evaluations and recommend pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions as appropriate according to psychiatric diagnosis. Our mission is to help our patients live a better live and be more productive and successful while using as minimum medications possible.

Our society has been historically more sensitive to physical impairments than emotional ones. If you suffer with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or psychosis, you might not be living upto your true potential. If others cannot see your mind, pain, anxiety, depression or fears, it doesn’t mean that these symptoms don’t exist. If you feel these symptoms, they are real to you, they do exist and will continue to impair your quality of life. You could be living as more happy, confident and successful person if these symptoms get treated. It is my passion to help my patients live to their true potential. I try my best to develop a good rapport with my patients and to get them to trust me. It is this trust and relationship that then heals. ” ………… Dr. Mudassar Tariq, MD



Psychiatric Evaluation

We  interview and evaluate to assess if you are dealing with a psychiatric diagnosis. We can present treatment Options. Dr. Mudassar Tariq is board certified in adult and child psychiatry.

Medication Management

If you have been diagnosed with a psychiatric diagnosis, your medications need to be monitored for efficacy, side effect and interactions. We try to minimize medications while trying to achieve optimal efficacy. We also assess periodically if medications are still needed.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Have you been addicted to opiods, heroin, pain pills. Is this addiction taking over your life. Have you tried to quit and had to take drugs again to avoid withdrawl symptoms


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